Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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Worcester Standard

  • Breede Valley Municipality is currently busy with a public participation process to identify ward priorities for the 2015-2016 budget and IDP review process.

    Communities and stake holders are hereby invited to public meetings which will take place as scheduled.

    The IDP Process Plan is available on the municipal website (http://www.bvm.gov.za) for public scrutiny.

    Enquiries about the document can be directed to: Greg Muller, IDP Manager 023 348 2612

  • “In Worcester you have a first world economy and then you have a third world economy, which shouldn’t be the case.”

    So says Siphiwo Mavumengwana, an entrepreneur, development consultant and founder/CEO of Con Bin South Africa, during an interview with the Standard.

    His comparison of the two extremities (first and third world economies) which drives the town’s local economy is based on his opinion of Worcester’s separate development nature, which is still a major issue.

  • “Daar moet ’n beter sinchronisasie tussen die verskillende organisasies in Worcester wees sodat ons dieselfde doelwitte kan bereik.”

    Só sê Alec Goliath, stigter en eienaar van Eagle Marketing en Business Surgeon.

    Goliath (52) is een van die nuwe bestuurslede van die Worcester Besigheidsforum (WBF) en is verantwoordelik vir (portefeulje) klein besigheidsontwikkeling.

  • Arrests have been on the increase in Worcester’s Central Business District over the past three months as result of the presence of the security trailer which forms part of the Safer Worcester campaign.

    The latest report from the Worcester Business Improvement District illustrates that arrests have increased from 5 to 15, while the reported number of robberies prevented also increased from 4 to 23.The number of dockets has also increased from 4 to 7.

    The reporting period covers four weeks from 25 August to 29 September.

    Warrant officer Stephan Stander, sector manager of Worcester CBD, is extremely pleased with the “excellent statistics” and has commended the reservists manning the security trailer.

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