Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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Planning Expert on Worcester’s Spatial Development Framework and the impacts of ring roads and “edge of centre” malls

On 25th of June 2014, Mr Simon Nicks, an expert in spatial development, structured densification of cities and the relationship between transport and urban structure addressed Worcester Business members at the Blind Spot, Napier Street.

Mr Nicks is MD of well-known planning firm CNdV Africa and presented on issues relating to the spatial development of Worcester, with special reference to the impacts of edge of town malls, bypasses and the proposed central improvement district.

Mr Nicks highlighted that Worcester has lots of potential but emphasis that more focus should be placed on marketing considering that it is branded as the “Care Capital of South Africa”.

Download the presentation here, see pages 75 – 98 for slides related to impacts on Worcester.

Worcester se Mobiele Veiligheidsstasies

Dinsdag, 8 Julie 2014 het Worcester se eerste mobiele sekuriteits stasie in werking getree. Die doel van hierdie veiligheidspunte is om sigbare polisiering te bevorder, misdaad te bekamp en polisiedienste nader aan die gemeenskap te bring. Hierdie projek word gedryf deur Worcester Besigheidsforum (WBF), Worcester Besigheidsverbetering Distrik (W-SVD), Breede Vallei Munisipaliteit (BVM) Wetstoepassing en Verkeersafdeling, Suid-Afrikaanse Polisie Dienste (SAPD) en Gemeenskaps Polisie Forums (GPF en GPF-Sub-Sektor 3).

Die waentjie word beman deur vier (4) SAPD reserviste wat volledig opgelei is. Belhawe sigbare polisiering soos voetpatrollies, word verskeie ander dienste aangebied soos sertifisering van dokumente, die neem van verklarings en aanmelding van klagtes.
Tans is die waentjie daagliks operasioneel tussen 08h00 tot 16h00 en roteer deur die middedorp na verskeie punte, namelik.

  • Maandae hoek van Russell en Hoogstraat (voor Debonairs)
  • Dinsdae in Stockenstromstraat (voor Mr Price),
  • Woensdae in Baringstraat (voor die munisipale kanore),
  • Donderdae in Napierstraat (voor Russelskema langs 1-UP),
  • Vrydae en Saterdae in Durbanstraat (naby DC People’s Choice).

Tans verdien die polisiereserviste GEEN vergoeding nie en ons wil graag ‘n bydra maak om hul elk ten minste R50 per dag as beloning gee. Die Worcester Sakekern Verbeteringsdistrik beplan ook om ten minste nog drie mobiele stasies te verkry en so ’n groter impak gemaak kan gemaak in terme van veiligheid in die middedorp.

Vir meer inligting kontak Herman Bester (WBF en Sub-Sektor 3) 082 777 5350 of Adjudant Stander (SAPD) by 082 522 1003 of stuur ‘n epos na This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

WBF has guest from Pum Netherlands and Spain

Miguel Aguado from Spain start to work on the Green Project
in Worcester. After the visit from Breede Valley Municipality and the Worcester
Business Forum in December the Basque
government offer services for the eco friendly project in Worcester.

Ineke Lemmen from the PUM Netherlands senior experts is also
visiting the WBF, to advise the Forum, to work out the vision and mission more
in detail and also to translate it into projects.

On Monday 10 February, a management committee meeting was
held at the Wijnhuis, Kleinplasie. Nik
Wullschleger, chairperson opened the meeting and welcomed Ineke Lemmen and
Miguel Aguado. The outcomes of Ineke's visit were discussed, to focus and
select new projects and take the current projects further step by step.

Monday morning the guests had a cycle tour through the town,
under supervision of Danielia Hermanus, The guests visited the Instite of the
Blind, Cycles through Church street and also had lunch at the National
Institute of the Deaf (NID).


Dutch Expert helps businesses


The Worcester Business Forum (WBF) recently welcomed an expert in the field of business, Ineke Lemmen from the Netherlands, to assist them in improving their organisational structure. Here (left) is Ineke Lemmen and Nik Wullschleger (chairman of WBF), discussing business-related issues.

The Worcester Business Forum (WBF) recently welcomed an expert in the field of business, Ineke Lemmen from the Netherlands, to assist them in improving their organisational structure.

Lemmen, who is the programme director for market analysis in the ministry of economic affairs, is one of many experts from the Netherlands who offer their services (experience) to developing countries via the Programma UitzendingManagers (PUM).

According to the PUM website, it is an organisation which consists of senior experts who connect entrepreneurs in developing countries and emerging markets.All the experts have at least 30 years of experience in a business environment.

"I am here to help the forum strengthen its organisational structure and objectives. Also to assist in broadening its area of operation outside ofWorcester, being more effective," she said.

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MOU signed with Municipality

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)and Worcester CBD Middedorp Central Improvement Districtwas signed on 13 June 2013 by the Worcester Business Forum (WBF) and the Breede Valley Municipality (BVM).  

The BVM-WBF MOU formalises many years of hard work between the forum and the municipality, and the MOU spells out this cooperation in order to:

  • promote economic growth and development of the Breede Valley area;
  • promote co-operation and joint projects that lead to development within the areas of business, commerce and industry, tourism and agriculture;
  • support initiatives that promote development of infrastructure and services;
  • work together for the social and economic upliftment of all people in the Breede Valley area;
  • support initiatives that lead to good governance and ethics;
  • work towards achieving the goals of B-BBEE and LED;
  • identify projects and opportunities that can be utilized and implemented for the benefit of the Breede Valley community, and Worcester in particular;
  • co-operate in all areas where communication and involvement with Local Government are required in the interest of the Breede Valley community

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Green Worcester Campaign to be launched

The Worcester Business Forum (WBF) have been engaging in talks with the Alava Business Chamber in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain) to find ideas in order to launch its very own Green Worcester campaign. Vitoria-Gasteiz was last year’s green capital of Europe. According to Nik Wullschleger, they are looking at collaborating on a number of “green” projects to introduce in Worcester. “We need to start building a greener Worcester for the future. He mentioned, however, that the success of the campaign will depend on the strength of the partnership between the local municipality (Breede Valley Municipality), the business sector and the community. The WBF has already established a good partnership with the local municipality through its Breede Valley Partnership. A few greening ideas that have already been discussed include promoting a culture of sustainability, urban restoration, combating climate change by reducing energy consumption, and the redevelopment of public spaces and transport routes to facilitate non-motorised vehicles such as bicycles. Wullschleger added that the building of dedicated cycle lanes and routes will also promote a healthier environment and a greener town. The renovation of buildings with green buildings through eco-design techniques is also one of the ideas being looked at, he said. “There are several greening ideas that are being discussed to create a balance between nature, an eco-friendly environment and business.” A date has not yet been set for the launch of the Green Worcester campaign.

Spaniard to help Worcester get on the ‘green’ track

A civil engineer from Victoria Gasteiz in Spain, Miguel Aguado, is on a mission to help the Worcester Business Forum (WBF) with its 110% Green Worcester campaign.

Victoria Gasteiz held the title of European Green Capital in 2012.

Aguado (26) landed in South Africa on 8 February and for the next six months he will try and steer Worcester and its residents into a town where cycling, recycling and walking become the norm.

"Here are too many cars on the roads and not enough cyclists, nor are here enough people walking. Worcester has a very beautiful environment but the people here are not exploiting it," said Aguado.

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