Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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Miguel Aguado from Spain start to work on the Green Project
in Worcester. After the visit from Breede Valley Municipality and the Worcester
Business Forum in December the Basque
government offer services for the eco friendly project in Worcester.

Ineke Lemmen from the PUM Netherlands senior experts is also
visiting the WBF, to advise the Forum, to work out the vision and mission more
in detail and also to translate it into projects.

On Monday 10 February, a management committee meeting was
held at the Wijnhuis, Kleinplasie. Nik
Wullschleger, chairperson opened the meeting and welcomed Ineke Lemmen and
Miguel Aguado. The outcomes of Ineke's visit were discussed, to focus and
select new projects and take the current projects further step by step.

Monday morning the guests had a cycle tour through the town,
under supervision of Danielia Hermanus, The guests visited the Instite of the
Blind, Cycles through Church street and also had lunch at the National
Institute of the Deaf (NID).


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