Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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The last dialogue between the Worcester Business Forum and the BVM’s Mayoral Committee and Senior Management took place in the Worcester Council Chambers on the 21 August 2014.

The meeting is part of regular monthly interactions between business and local government, which take place within the spirit of the signed Memorandum of Understanding.

The discussion points for August included:

  • future plans for Kleinplasie in terms of the municipal land (Skougronde) as well as provincial land (museum and open land along High Street / R60),
  • seeking solutions for the homeless and vagrancy problems in Worcester,
  • progress regarding the Special Ratings Area by-law and policy,
  • status of the advertising concrete bins contract
  • plans for additional litter bins in the central business district of Worcester and
  • CleanWorcester and the Extended Public Works Programme’s street cleaning teams.

The meeting was well attended and the discussions fruitful. We look forward to reporting on progress made in our next newsletter.

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