Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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The Breede Valley Municipality requested the Worcester Business Forum to assist them in the placement of a refurbished shipping container in the notorious Roodewal “Skietbaan”. “The container office will serve the local community as a place of safety and service, to enhance visible policing and law enforcement” said Councillor Frank van Zyl.

The BVM requested further assistance from businesses in the form of the erection of fencing. In return for this support the municipality will allow the WBF to brand the container and place advertise along the fence. “An idea s to print a “billboard” bringing a positive message of encouragement to the local community to prevent crime and look after themselves, each other and the vulnerable. In order to fund the billboard, the WBF plans to make a number of advertising spots available” said Nik Wullschleger Chairperson of the WBF, please contact him if you wish participate.

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