Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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Arrests have been on the increase in Worcester’s Central Business District over the past three months as result of the presence of the security trailer which forms part of the Safer Worcester campaign.

The latest report from the Worcester Business Improvement District illustrates that arrests have increased from 5 to 15, while the reported number of robberies prevented also increased from 4 to 23.The number of dockets has also increased from 4 to 7.

The reporting period covers four weeks from 25 August to 29 September.

Warrant officer Stephan Stander, sector manager of Worcester CBD, is extremely pleased with the “excellent statistics” and has commended the reservists manning the security trailer.

“The CBD is definitely becoming a safer place with the trailer. We have really brought a genuine service to the community and fighting crime for the sake of our residents is our top priority.

“People have began to ask us if we can’t have the trailer permanently placed on a specific place because of the positive influence it has on shoppers and the environment in general,” said Stander.

He added that the arrests made and dockets opened were for the possession of drugs (dagga, mandrax and tik), as well as a number of cases of shoplifting and public drunkenness.

Other interesting statistics in the report include the confiscation of 26 knives, 43 incidents of frisking, and three roadblocks, which have all been done over the past month.

The project, which forms part of the Safer Worcester campaign, is an initiative done in partnership between the Breede Valley Municipality (BVM), Worcester Business Forum, SAPS, CPF and CPF sub-sector 3.

The trailer, which is manned by four police reservists/law enforcement officials, operates from Monday to Saturday from 08:0016:00 in the following roads: Stockenström,Durban,Napierand Baring Streets and also on the corner of High and Riebeeck Streets.

Stander mentioned that they are still in the process of receiving an additional four security trailers to expand their services in areas where a security trailer is required.

Nik Wullschleger, chairman of the WBF, mentioned that businesses have noticed a change in consumers’ attitude towards shopping in town.

“I’m told the customers are happier, feel safer and there is a sense of comfort within the CBD. The businesses are also pleased with the reservists’ efforts.”

Two reservists will patrol the area during the day and the other two will operate the security trailer.

“This is to ensure efficient services are being rendered to the community in a specific area on a specific day. We want to be a crime-free community, so thank you to all the reservists for their sterling work and other support,” said Wullschleger.


MATTHEW SHELDON Worcester Standard

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